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What we do and what we want

“Food, Fatness, and Fitness – Critical Perspectives” provides an interdisciplinary platform to share  thoughts on food, health, or fitness, and how they shape society. We offer a broad spectrum of critical discussions of food-related topics from the fields of history, sociology, food/fat studies and life sciences. Food is everywhere because everybody has to eat, as our editorial states. At the same time, food is politics. The entries on “Food, Fatness, and Fitness” critically engage with that fundamental connection and present observations, opinions, and critiques of present phenomena, debates, and discourses revolving around food. To keep our blog community constantly growing we are always looking for fresh writers and invite you to share your thoughts and insights from your projects.

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Texts are published monthly in English language (U.S. spelling) and should be no longer than 1200 words. We prefer an easy to follow and not too formal style appealing to the online format. A first draft of the text would be due on the 15th of the month before publication to leave some time for editing. The text is reviewed by the chief editors of the blog. It will be presented with no foot- or endnotes but weblinks are possible pointing to related online material and literature; subheadings are encouraged. Every post is accompanied by title, subtitle and at least one image, best provided by the author. All images must be in the public domain and freely usable according to German requirements for online publications. Please provide relevant copyright information or possible captions that should be published with the visual material. We are happy to help you with that if there are any uncertainties. We must reserve the right to publish only those contributions suitable for this format.


  • Stefanie Buettner

    Stefanie Büttner works at the Department of History at the University of Erfurt as a research assistant in the field of North American History. As part of the joint research project “Nutrition, Health, and Modern Society: Germany and the US.” she is currently working on her PhD thesis on a history of pleasure in the 1970s and 1980s US in relation to diet and health. Her research interests include U.S. cultural history (19th and 20th century), food history, history of leisure, governmentality and biopolitics as well as spatial theory.